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The reason why the unseamless inner garment factory is wearing a special sports suit is that...

2017-07-13 16:27:37 Yiwu Eryou Knitting Underwear Co., Ltd. Read

MM are popular fitness over the years, want to good fitness effect natural leave not sportswear, seamless shirtwaist, friends knitting focus on all kinds of seamless apparel customization processing 17 years, special sport fitness is very important to the MM. 

1. Special sports clothes can help normal sweating and enhance comfort. 

Modern MM fitness is to keep a good figure, and fitness in, so it's a good experience and comfort will also affect the fitness of MM, because a larger than usual sweat eduction in sports also, so it's best to wear special clothes can very good protection effect to the MM. 

Now in the market a lot of sports wear, material selection work are not good to help sweat, some sport bra and rims, or the edge is sewing together, so the body is very adverse to the MM. 

2. Special sports clothes can help reduce impact feeling and good care of the body. 

In modern society, MM fitness will do some house such as yoga, cycling, jogging, tennis and other sports, and the movement intensity is different, the impact and vibration of harm to the body is also different, the required nursing bra fixity are different! 

How to choose sportswear? 

Yiwu seamless shirtwaist, friends of the knitting is committed to research and development for many years to produce the human body engineering to a series of "snow" sportswear, full consideration on cutting the breast shape, structure, stress distribution, and factors such as the shoulder and back, and adopts the seamless knitting method let MM wear in the body the experience of feeling better, a higher comfort level. 

Friends, shirtwaist when processing production of sportswear, material selection and Israel are using hua ding company stands on the company production of raw materials, environmental protection excellent permeability, product is also the Japanese to standard quality requirements. 

Therefore, the MM chooses the sportswear in the fitness, must pay attention to the more comparison, observes the work, USES the material, feels the feeling, actually finds the sportswear that suits you!