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You will know the 5 features of the Internet plus underwear factory

2017-07-13 16:29:29 Yiwu Eryou Knitting Underwear Co., Ltd. Read

Nowadays, shirtwaist + Internet already is nothing new in the underwear industry limits, friends, knitting shirtwaist as early as a few years also started the Internet media transformation, thanks to the Internet, a net Internet + shirtwaist online O2O mode is imperative, a single letter on the Internet platform for a pin shirtwaist product is more difficult. 

Compared with traditional marketing channels, these five features of the Internet + clothing factory are what every underwear manufacturer wants to know about the Internet. 

1. The Internet + underwear factory has more information and speed. 

The channels of the Internet has a lot of kinds, and all through the spread of the network media can be used as the Internet channel, with the popularity of smart phones, people became a media source, it also caused the big flood Internet information, the underwear manufacturers want to spread their brands, thanks to the Internet, looking for customer orders or sales products, must constantly refurbished information, and customer form is used to release the corresponding information. At the same time, because the Internet is an information giant sea sample, the clothing factory wants to use the Internet to quickly reach the user's vision, must do well in the subdivision field deep ploughing, at the same time good marketing planning. 

2. Interconnection and interactivity of Internet + underwear factory. 

TV media, market rental stores, attend exhibitions... It is the main way that the inner garment factory contacted the customer to search for orders, which is also the main marketing channel adopted by most of the inner garment factories, and the input cost is also high. However, with the rapid development of the Internet in recent years, there are fewer people watching TV and fewer people in the market. So where did the client go? Because the Internet is another great feature of the Internet, because there is a network, customers can find the underwear manufacturers he is looking for, a phone, an email, a Courier... A lot of unnecessary waste time is saved. This is also the main reason why we must now touch the Internet on the Internet. Where our customers are, our information must be located. 

3. Cost control of Internet + inner garment factory. 

We know that the traditional marketing channel of the inner garment factory mainly depends on the TV medium, the market rents the storefront, attend the exhibition, the newspaper... Input cost is also relatively high, and the effect is getting worse and worse. Internet a big feature is free, there is a lot of free resources online, as long as you learn to spend money on the Internet at the same time, the cost is relatively also far lower than traditional channels development customer cost. Of course, as more and more lingerie companies touch the Internet, the cost of getting into the web will be getting bigger and bigger. 

Statistics of the Internet plus clothing factories. 

We know that the development of traditional channel business in the inner garment factory is largely based on the experience of the boss or the proprietor, without the exact data. But the Internet is different, as long as the inner garment factory is really spread out on the Internet, then every piece of information through the network channel to find the underwear factory will leave the trail, this is the traffic. Each platform system accurately counted how many users each AD was seen, and the user access time distribution and regional distribution, help operators properly evaluating marketing effect, authorized marketing strategy. It provides reliable basis for the whole development of the inner garment factory. 

5. The high efficiency of Internet + underwear factory. 

In this era of information explosion, time is money, people pursue higher efficiency, while driving the faster pace of society. When the underwear manufacturer pushes the information to the user through the Internet, the user can find the information he needs without leaving the house. At the same time, the use of various Internet tools, the communication efficiency between customers and underwear manufacturers is also faster, more efficient, more intuitive. 

The pattern decides the end! As a shirtwaist policymakers must have an eye for development, efforts to pursue and appropriate age change, don't blindly trying to keep their own worlds, may eliminate your not your competitors, but your own thoughts, just underwear manufacturers analyze the underwear of the age of the Internet industry cross-border "loot" is also worth you see again, deep reflection!