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It is important to "understand you" in underwear processing

2017-07-13 16:31:44 Yiwu Eryou Knitting Underwear Co., Ltd. Read

Underwear find processing factory communication between each other "understand you" is very important, especially in the current age of the Internet, a lot of underwear processing customer needs to find underwear manufacturers are direct search on the net, choose several underwear factory are consulting, so the communication between each other whether smooth directly affects the further cooperation. In fact, in the current Internet age, information is convenient and convenient for each other. But one of the higher costs is the cost of communication. We often say that "apples and oranges" means that the communication between two people is invalid, and it is not the content of the communication between each other. 

Many customers find our friend, knitted underwear processing, because we only focus on friends, knitting seamless underwear clothing processing, so we are not good at sewing, many clients take a sample is not clear what is a sewing underwear, what is a seamless underwear. In our communication with each other, we ask the client to take a picture of the two sides. This is also a more direct way preliminary judge whether we can processing shirtwaist, for such a simple question, sometimes with clients to explain the along while, customer thought our shirtwaist customer service is not professional. 

There are also some customers who can order less, and there are usually some "I don't understand you" in a lingerie factory. Such as: they are looking for find our friend's knitting underwear factory for the processing of seamless underwear, communication for half a day, it's about how many number processing, prevaricated along while, finally, 50, 100 pieces, we told him that the number is too little can't do. He said is not very understanding, seamless underwear processing from yarn woven garment finished products directly, the early stage of the debugging process is very complex, 50, 100 no suture needle loom can't function properly, and attrition cost will be higher. 

There are other "I don't understand" situations that we often encounter. That is the price, for example, the sample fee and the unit price. Some customer underwear processing to find the factory through the net, pure is a kind of comparison price. It in plain English, he don't know yourself first, don't understand themselves, with underwear sample is not clear how much is your target price, only on the Internet to find some underwear manufacturers, take some picture let factory quotation. When the underwear factory asks him some details such as material, size and size... So a lot of times, communication is an ineffective communication. The customer also complains that you do not understand him, other customers themselves how to know their own products, know themselves? 

Therefore, "understand you" underwear for processing factory, for one, you must first understand yourself, know some of your products, know some underwear factory at the same time, the cooperation of each other is should be established on the basis of mutual respect, learn to transposition thinking. Hope other people "understand you", you have to know yourself first, understand own product, early do some homework, natural things half the effort!